Highlights of 2017!

What a year 2017 has been! It’s not been easy, but I have whittled down the highlights of 2017 to 100 images. I could have included so many more, but here we go! One of my goals for 2017 was to push myself both creatively as well as technically, and it is really lovely to look back on the work I have produced and see a progression. At the same time it is reassuring to see that some things haven’t changed. I still love producing natural images, which capture real emotions!

I have met so many lovely people in 2017 and it has been a genuine pleasure to work with you. You know who you are! It was also great working alongside fabulous suppliers such as Tupelo Tree, and Big Bear Bakery. Finally it was fantastic to work at so many different wedding venues including the fabulous Kinkell Byre, the exclusive Edinburgh Castle, Sorn Castle, and Mansfield Traquair, or Rufflets Hotel with its beautiful gardens.

Over the last three weeks I have already shot two engagement sessions. And so far I have a number of weddings booked, with some as far afield as the Cork in Ireland! So here is to 2018! Let’s hope it is going to be another fabulous year! I already look forward to meeting many more lovely people and capturing their big day for them!

Highlights of 2017

couple with heads together
bride and bridesmaids jumping on bed
couple in barley field groom waving hand in the air
bridesmaid helping bride with dress
married couple looking into distance
groom putting ring on bride's finger
detail shot with watch
couple in barley field sun breaking through clouds
mua silhouette
couple in barley field with evening skies
bride at st. salvator
table detail with lavender
couple seacliff
macarons at wedding
couple on beach in ayrshire
couple portencross castle
wedding cake floral details
couple with festoon lights
couple embracing by lake with scenery
bride at window of sorn castle
table setting bride
father leads bride down the aisle
couple heads together
couple yellow door
couple with dramatic evening skies over st. andrews
wedding st. salvator
couple at glasgow university cloisters
detail of bride's hair
bride and bridesmaid running towards the sea
croquet at a wedding
couple leaning in to kiss
couple in evening sun at kinkell byre
confetti parade outside church in st. andrews
bride's hands decorated with henna
couple embracing with hat
couple standing seawall
couple inside vintage wedding car
bride and groom holding hands on a country road
couple by a river near sorn castle
couple in field with cows
mother helping bride into her dress
boy with sunglasses running at wedding
bride getting flowers attached to her hair
bride with bridesmaids on the beach
wedding couple embracing her hand on his shoulder
couple by the sea embracing bride wearing leather jacket
wedding table decorations at kinkell byre
note to the happy couple
closeup of bride by window
groom writing a note to the bride
bride on the beach in the evening light
wedding guests playing music in a field
holding hands detail
couple in a barley field about to kiss
champagne glasses
bride inside portencross castle
bride arrives in wedding car
groom greeting guest
vintage wedding car st. andrews
wedding guests making music
team bride
groom table place card
bride and bridesmaids laughing
wedding bands
couple in barley field with chapel
copper whisky flask
bride with grandmother and confetti
embrace heads together
confetti shot at sorn castle
beach bride smiling
wedding guests laughing at reception
bride in cloisters of st. salvator
toast at wedding reception at kinkell byre
groom tying the laces of his brogues
newly married couple walking down the aisle
guests enjoying a beer at a wedding reception
drinks reception kinkell byre
ceilidh dancing at kinkell byre
canapes at wedding reception
bride and father of the bride arriving at church
buttonhole groomsman
wedding cake decoration
bride in evening light at seaside
first dance kinkell byre
couple on top of portencross castle
wedding detail with bee
bride and father walking towards portencross castle
couple embracing with engagement ring
bride in barley field with evening sky
close embrace with lake in background
bride and groom at sorn castle
tattoo closeup
bride and groom dancing
bride and mua
bride sitting with groom standing
groom looking at bride during ceremony
couple beach st andrews
couple backlit in field of barley
couple looking at sunset

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