Engagement Shoot With Dog

A Lovely Engagement Shoot with Dog

Jess and Iain really wanted to involve their dog Buddy in their engagement shoot. You can imagine my disappointment when I met them at Pollok House and there was no sign of Buddy! Poor Buddy would have been just a bit too excitable for a photoshoot in the park! Funnily enough a completely random dog photo-bombed us later on. This made for one of my favourite images from this lovely little engagement session, and a dog did actually feature in the engagement shoot!

Iain and Jess had chosen Pollok Park as a location for this shoot because they both live in the Southside of Glasgow. Apart from the location there wasn’t much of a ‘brief’ for this session. Jess had found me on social media, and she felt that my style of photography really was what she wanted for her wedding. Both Iain and Jess were looking for a more contemporary and alternative approach to their photos, which is why they loved my idea of including some multiple exposures!

Jess and Iain have since been married at 23 Montrose Street in Glasgow. I’ll be featuring their wedding photos in a later blog post. And just a short while ago Jess sent me an email telling me about the birth of their little baby daughter! It’s so lovely when couples stay in touch after their weddings and I get to hear about new and exciting chapters in their lives!

engagement shoot couple on bridge embracing
couple at engagement shoot
engagement shoot couple walking on bridge holding hands
couple sitting on steps in park smiling
engagement shoot couple smiling with foreheads together
couple on steps of a country house
engagement shoot couple leaning over the side of a bridge
couple leaning in for a kiss
engagement shoot couple embracing in parklands
couple embracing in front of a brick wall
engagement shoot couple holding hands as they walk through the park
couple smiling as they lean in
engagement shoot detail of couple's hands
couple with foreheads together smiling
engagement shoot couple looking at each other as they embrace
couple double exposure in monochrome
couple double exposure in colour
engagement shoot couple leaning agains a red brick wall
couple photobombed by a Golden Retriever

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