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A Charming Rooftop Wedding at Cheval The Edinburgh Grand

When I first met Alison and David, none of us could have anticipated that they would get married with views right across Edinburgh. Originally Alison and David had planned to have a fairly traditional wedding at the City Chambers in Edinburgh. But then of course, you guessed it, a global pandemic changed everything! The restrictions at the height of the pandemic meant that large receptions were no longer possible. So Alison and David had to come up with a plan B!

A Rooftop Wedding at Cheval The Edinburgh Grand

Given the restrictions at the time, Alison and David decided to change the venue to the Cheval The Edinburgh Grand with its spectacular penthouse apartment and terrace. They also reduced their guest lists to both sets of parents and David’s daughter. The ceremony was going to be conducted by Mark the Humanist.

The venue is located right in the heart of Edinburgh’s beautiful New Town. Its top floor is a beautiful luxury penthouse apartment with a  patio that enjoys an almost uninterrupted view across the city from the Firth of Forth to the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle as well as Arthur’s Seat. Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony in Scotland is always a bit of a gamble. In this case it paid off completely. On the day of the wedding it was glorious and sunny with glorious views across the city.

David’s little daughter was so excited about being the flowergirl for her new stepmother. And when she was walking out front of Alison and her dad she had the biggest smile on her face. Alison looked beautiful in her wedding dress, and you could see how proud David was as he saw her walking down the ‘aisle’. Mark conducted a beautiful and personal ceremony which started off with a pledge by Alison to David’s daughter that she would always try to be the best stepmother to her possible. At this point all of us (including the wedding photographer) had tears in our eyes!

The ceremony was rounded off with the exchanging of wedding bands, drinking from the quaich (also known as the loving cup) as well as the signing of the register. Once all the formalities were done, it was time for hugs, congratulations and champagne!

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