Glasgow University wedding with Cottiers reception

A Transatlantic Romance – Glasgow University Wedding

For Emily and Thomas, a Glasgow University wedding was always on the cards. Thomas had studied music at the university, and as an alumni he had permission to marry in the University Chapel. Emily, meanwhile, was born and brought up in the United States. Their relationship was truly transatlantic, and they both agreed that a Glasgow wedding would be the perfect way to celebrate their love. It was a beautiful ceremony, made all the more special by its location. For Emily and Thomas, there was no doubt that their wedding would be a truly memorable event.

Glasgow University Chapel Wedding

Glasgow University is such a beautiful place to get married. The campus is so full of history and there are so many beautiful buildings. The Memorial Chapel is always my favourite place for the ceremony. I love the light that comes in through the stained glass windows and the whole atmosphere of the chapel. Glasgow University always has such beautiful weather for weddings too! The cloisters are another one of my favourite places on campus. They are just so full of character and they make for some really beautiful images. Glasgow University is just such a perfect place to get married.

Glasgow University Cottiers reception

After the ceremony at Glasgow University, everyone made their way to Cottiers for a reception that would be filled with US-inspired food. The reception at Cottiers was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to celebrate with family and friends.

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