The Beautifully Sunny Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding of Alison and David – Part 2!

Alison and David had always planned to have an Edinburgh City Chambers wedding. I remember my first meeting with Alison and David, excitedly discussing their wedding plans with them in 2019. Who would have known that only a few months later we would be facing a global pandemic, which effectively shut down weddings during the first lockdown in 2020.

An Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding in Two Parts

A global pandemic of course wasn’t enough to deter Alison and David! Once the hard lockdown had come to an end, they decided to have a very small wedding ceremony in 2021, attended only by their very closest family. They booked the rooftop apartment at Cheval The Edinburgh Grand, and Mark Reilley (aka Mark the Humanist) conducted the beautiful rooftop ceremony.

Alison and David however never gave up on having a wedding reception which included their family and friends. So this year, they had their dream wedding (part 2!), at the elegant Edinburgh City Chambers. Mark Reilly offered his own personal time to be there for the second part of Alison’s and David’s wedding. And another special guest was David’s and Alison’s second daughter Ella, who was born during lockdown!

I hope you enjoy this small sneak preview from Alison’s and David’s big day. And if you would like to discuss your own wedding plans, please just drop me a note here!

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