Couple exiting castle through bubble parade

The Luxurious and Elegant Dundas Castle Wedding of Robyn and Andrew

The Luxurious and Elegant Dundas Castle Wedding of Robyn and Andrew 1

Robyn and Andrew’s Dundas Castle wedding was a spectacular affair filled with elegance and luxury.

The Dundas Castle Wedding of Robyn and Andrew

The day began with Robyn and her bridesmaids getting ready in one of the castle’s magnificent suites, while Andrew and his groomsmen enjoyed a drink in the billiard room, setting the tone for a day of celebration. With Andrew and his groomsmen dressed in tuxedos, this Dundas Castle wedding had a definite James Bond vibe about it!

Dundas Castle on a sunny day
Clock in the billiard room of Dundas Castle
Guest book for Robyn and Andrew
Billiard room at Dundas Castle
Groomsman helping the groom with his bowtie
Groom adjusting his cufflinks
Bride having a toast with her bridesmaid
Bride laughing during bridal preparations
Wedding dress hanging on a wardrobe
Groomsmen in billiard room
Bride and bridesmaids sharing a toast
Groomsmen outside Dundas Castle
Bridal bouquet
Bridesmaid's reaction to seeing bride in her dress
Father of the bride and bride on their way to the ceremony

The ceremony took place in the historic old keep of the castle, adding a touch of grandeur and romance to the occasion. After exchanging vows and signing the register, the couple and their guests moved to the grand hall for a lavish drinks reception, where they toasted to the newlyweds’ happiness and future together.

Groom and groomsmen awaiting the arrival of the bride
Bride being walked down the aisle by her father
Wedding ceremony in the old keep of Dundas Castle
Couple sharing their first kiss
Newly married couple cheers with their guests
Newlyweds walking down the aisle together
Couple laughing together on top of the old keep of Dundas Castle
Couple on a walk through the grounds of Dundas Castle
Couple embracing outside Dundas Castle
Couple walking on the lawn of Dundas Castle
Bride on the grand staircase of Dundas Castle

Instead of traditional confetti, the guests participated in a unique bubble parade, adding a whimsical and enchanting element to the festivities. The atmosphere was joyous and celebratory as everyone joined in to congratulate the happy couple.

Bubble parade outside Dundas Castle
The Luxurious and Elegant Dundas Castle Wedding of Robyn and Andrew 2

As the afternoon progressed, the guests were ushered into the marquee for the traditional wedding speeches, which were a mix of heartfelt sentiment and lighthearted humour, creating moments of laughter and tears.

The wedding breakfast that followed was nothing short of phenomenal, with delicious cuisine served in a beautiful setting fit for royalty. The couple then cut the cake together, marking another cherished moment in their journey as husband and wife.

Couple cutting the cake
Wedding favour
Table setting
Table decorations
Top table
Wedding speeches
Wedding guests toasting the couple

As the evening unfolded, Shades of Sax provided energetic tunes that kept the dance floor alive, ensuring that everyone had a memorable time celebrating Robyn and Andrew’s love and union.

Couple sharing their first dance
Saxophone player
Couple celebrating with their guests

Overall, Robyn and Andrew’s Dundas Castle wedding was a truly magical and unforgettable occasion, filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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