Bride and groom in front of Crossbasket Castle

A Beautifully Elegant Crossbasket Castle Wedding

Happy couple embracing at Crossbasket Castle

Anna’s and Rory’s Crossbasket Castle Wedding

Anna and Rory’s luxurious Crossbasket Castle wedding was a sight to behold. The grandeur of the castle provided the perfect backdrop for their special day, with its elegant architecture and stunning surroundings. The couple exchanged their vows earlier in the day at the magnificent Glasgow University Memorial Chapel, adding a touch of historical significance to their union.

Glasgow tenement flat
Glasgow tenement close
Bride at her home during bridal preparations
Bride during bridal preparations smiling with a glass of champagne in her hand
Bride taking a selfie with her bridesmaids
Wedding dress hanging up on a hanger
Wedding shoes
Bridal bouquet
Mother of the bride helping her daughter into her wedding dress
Bride looking at herself in the mirror
Buttoning up the wedding dress
Bridesmaids' reaction to seeing the bride in her dress for the first time
Bride in her wedding dress
First look of the bride and her father
Father of the bride hugging his daughter
Wedding rings
Bride arriving at the chapel

The chapel, with its intricate stained glass windows and majestic interior, set a tone of reverence and solemnity for the ceremony. As Anna walked down the aisle in her breathtaking gown, all eyes were on her, and Rory’s face lit up with joy and love as he saw his bride for the first time.

Groom and best man waiting for bride to arrive
Groom looking at his bride to be as she is walked down the aisle by her father
Father of the bride kisses his daughter as he gives her away to be married
Bride and groom inside Glasgow University Memorial Chapel
Bride and groom with wedding congregation in the background
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Exchanging of the rings
Groom kissing the bride
Bridesmaids laughing
Bride and groom facing the congregation
Bride and groom walking down the aisle together
Bride and groom sharing a kiss while congregation applauds
Bride and groom walking down the steps of Glasgow University Memorial Chapel
Bridesmaids cheering outside the chapel
Entire wedding party cheering on the steps of Glasgow University Memorial Chapel
Wedding guest hugging the bride

One of the special guests at Anna’s and Rory’s wedding was their little West Highland Terrier called Skye. Skye even wore flowers which matched the bridal bouquet.

Bride cuddling her dog
Bride and groom walking with their dog
Bridal party
Portrait of bride and groom with their dog
West Highland Terrier
Portrait of bride in Glasgow University cloisters
Bride and groom laughing
Bride and groom at Glasgow University cloisters
Bride and groom walking hand in hand through the grounds of Glasgow University
Bride and groom laughing

After the heartfelt exchange of vows and rings, the newlyweds emerged from the chapel, greeted by cheers and applause from their friends and family. They made their way to Crossbasket Castle Hotel, where a lavish reception awaited them.

Bride and groom and confetti parade
Bartender with cocktail shaker
Cocktails being poured
Bride enjoying a cocktail with wedding guests
Table decoration at Crossbasket Castle with flower arrangement
Wedding cake
Wedding favour
Chairs and tables at wedding reception
Wedding reception hall at Crossbasket Castle
Table name card at wedding reception
Candle sticks with lit candles at wedding reception

The reception was a celebration of love and happiness, with delicious food, lively music, and heartfelt speeches honoring the newly married couple. The castle’s luxurious ballroom provided the perfect setting for an evening of dancing and merriment, as Anna and Rory’s guests toasted to their future together.

Bride and groom being announced into the room for the wedding breakfast
Wedding guests applauding the couple
Bride giving a wedding speech
Top table guests laughing during the speeches
Bride and groom looking at each other during the speeches
Wedding guests laughing
Groom giving a wedding speech
Wedding guests toasting the happy couple
Wedding guests applauding the speeches

As the night came to a close, Anna and Rory stole a moment away from the festivities to reflect on the day’s events. Surrounded by the beauty of Crossbasket Castle and the love of their friends and family, they knew that their Crossbasket Castle wedding was just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness together.

Bride and groom in front of Crossbasket Castle
Bride and groom hugging and smiling outside Crossbasket Castle
Bride and groom with castle in the background
Bride and groom cutting the cake
Bride and groom having their first dance
Bride and groom dancing with wedding guests in the background
Bride and groom kissing on the dancefloor
Wedding guests dancing
Wedding guests on the dancefloor
Bride and bridesmaid dancing
Toasties van
Crossbasket Castle at night

Anna’s and Rory’s wedding at the beautiful Glasgow University Memorial Chapel, followed by their wedding reception at the elegant and luxurious Crossbasket Castle was a truly memorable day filled with so much laughter and happiness. If you are planning to get married and you would like to discuss photography options with me, then I would love to hear from you and you can drop me a message via this link.

Suppliers and Vendors:

Florist: Under the Pear Tree

Makeup Artist: Alchemé Beauty

Hair Stylist: Aimi Clark Hair

Wedding Dress: Emma Roy Bridal

Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Kilt Outfit: Macgregor & Macduff

Wedding Cake: Liggy’s Cake Co.

Stationary: Papier

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