Brides with Pride

Brides With Pride  – Sara’s and Niamh’s Wedding in Cork, Ireland

Sara and Niamh, two brides with pride! Sara’s and Niamh’s wedding in Cork was a fun-filled day in June. It was a celebration of equal rights in a country that is typically steeped in traditions. Both Sara and Niamh had ‘Bride With Pride’ T-shirts made for the occasion and they did wear them with pride indeed!

Niamh and Sara had met through their studies at Cork University, where they both completed their medical degrees. For their big day they had booked the dramatic looking Blackrock Castle Observatory as a venue for the actual wedding ceremony.

Many guests had flown in from overseas. Sara and Niamh therefore decided to book the Rochestown Hotel for the evening reception. This meant that most guests could just stumble to their rooms after the party!

bride and makeup artist
makeup artist applying kajal to to bride
bride wearing pride t-shirt
makeup artist with bride
wedding dress
bridal dress
makeup artist applying eye shadow to bride
bridal hair
brides kissing
bride smiling
wedding bands
bridal bouquets
wedding flowers
two brides during bridal preparations
bride helping other bride into her wedding dress
bride helping other bride into her dress
bride helps brother with his buttonhole
portrait with both brides
portrait of bride with bouquet
portrait of bride by the window
blackrock castle observatory
sign for the wedding
brides arriving at wedding venue
first bride walks down the aisle
second bride walks down the aisle
wedding guests at ceremony
bride's parents
rainbow flag socks
brides holding hands during ceremony
first bride during the vows
second bride during the vows
closeup of brides holding hands
brides exchanging vows
first kiss
brides walking down the aisle together
guests blowing bubbles as brides walk down the aisle
brides in front of blackrock castle observatory
brides leaning in for a kiss
brides hugging
brides in field with blackrock castle in the background
bridal car
brides waving at people standing at a bus stop
brides leaning in close in the afternoon sunshine
brides standing in front of a wall
brides in a field with blackrock castle observatory
wedding cake
wedding cake detail
table decoration
menu for wedding breakfast
room for wedding reception
brides walking towards the top table
wedding guests applauding
wedding speech
wedding guests laughing
wedding guests smiling and clapping
cutting of the wedding cake
first dance
brides dancing
brides hugging on the dance floor
wedding guests dancing
dancing wedding guests
bride partying with guests
brides dancing

Wedding Venue: Blackrock Castle Observatory Cork, Ireland

Evening Reception: Rochestown Hotel Cork, Ireland

Wedding Flowers: Dusky Blooms

Makeup: Charlotte Mahoney

Hair: Lynsey O’Leary

Wedding Cake: Baker Boy Cakes

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