A Dreamy Pre-Raphaelite Wedding at the Bothy in Glasgow

Sammy and Ruby decided to formalise their long-term relationship, by celebrating their wedding at the Bothy in Glasgow. The venue seemed ideal for the small, intimate wedding ceremony Sammy and Ruby had in mind.

A Pre-Raphaelite Wedding at the Bothy in Glasgow

Everything about Ruby’s and Sammy’s wedding was meant to be low key. Only their immediate family and friends had been invited for the day. Ruby’s mother, a humanist celebrant, was going to conduct the ceremony. Even the flowers were picked from the garden of Ruby’s mum.

With Ruby’s background in art finding the right photographer was however important to both Ruby and Sammy. They wanted their photos to have a fresh and contemporary feel. Another thing that was important to them were the wedding dresses. I knew that Sammy and Ruby wouldn’t just go for any standard wedding dresses, but I hadn’t quite expected just how stunning they would look! The dresses they chose gave them a pre-raphaelite look as if they were straight out of a Rossetti painting!

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