Barnbougle Castle Wedding

A Romantic Fairytale Barnbougle Castle Wedding – Becca and Scott

The Barnbougle Castle Wedding of Becca and Scott

Love has a way of weaving its enchanting spell around two souls, bringing them together in a mesmerizing journey of romance. Becca and Scott, two hearts destined to be entwined, embarked on their extraordinary love story with a wedding fit for a fairytale. Surrounded by the charm of a beautiful library, the magical Barnbougle Castle on the breathtaking Dalmeny Estate played host to their special day. Let us immerse ourselves in the unforgettable moments of their romantic union and the joyous celebrations that followed in the great hall.

Becca and Scott exchanged their vows in the mesmerizing library of Barnbougle Castle. The serene atmosphere of the library created an intimate setting, perfectly reflecting the love shared between the couple. Dressed in a graceful white gown adorned with delicate lace and a smile that radiated pure happiness, Becca looked like a true princess. Scott, dashing in a classic kilt outfit, couldn’t take his eyes off his bride.

The Magical Barnbougle Castle:

Nestled amidst lush gardens and rolling hills, the Barnbougle Castle exuded a mystical aura that left guests captivated from the moment they arrived. With its sturdy stone walls, the castle transported everyone into a world of magic and wonder. The venue seemed almost straight out of a fairy tale, providing the perfect backdrop for Becca and Scott’s romantic union.

The Magnificent Dalmeny Estate:

The Dalmeny Estate, home to the Barnbougle Castle, sprawled across acres of picturesque landscape. Majestic oak trees lined the paths, and colourful wildflowers painted the grounds with nature’s vibrant palette. This breathtaking setting added an air of grandeur and elegance to the celebrations, making it an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

A Fabulous Wedding Banquet:

Following the heartfelt ceremony of this Barnbougle Castle wedding, guests gathered in the castle’s great hall for a lavish wedding banquet. The tables were adorned with exquisite floral arrangements, and the soft glow of candles created an intimate ambiance. Mouthwatering dishes crafted with love and care delighted the guests, who toasted to Becca and Scott’s eternal love and happiness.

A Joyous Ceilidh in the Great Hall:

As day turned to night, the great hall transformed into a place of joyous revelry. A lively ceilidh band filled the air with traditional Scottish music, and guests embraced the festive spirit as they danced and twirled around the room. The joyful laughter and contagious energy of the ceilidh perfectly captured the essence of Becca and Scott’s vibrant personalities and love for life.


Becca and Scott’s romantic Barnbougle Castle wedding on the magical Dalmeny Estate was a celebration of love, enchantment, and togetherness. Surrounded by the allure of a beautiful library, their vows sealed a love story that would withstand the tests of time. The stunning castle and its picturesque estate provided an ethereal backdrop to this fairytale event. With a fabulous wedding banquet and a ceilidh filled with laughter and joy, the celebrations were a reflection of the couple’s infectious happiness and love for one another.

As the night came to a close, hearts were filled with memories of an unforgettable day, and guests left knowing they had witnessed something truly magical – the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong journey for Becca and Scott.

I hope you enjoyed reading the story of Becca’s and Scott’s Barnbougle Castle wedding! Their wedding at this fabulous castle perfectly illustrates the elegance and luxury that can be found at all the venues in the Rosebery portfolio, including Rosebery House and Rosebery Steadings. With its unique position at the Firth of Forth a Barnbougle Castle wedding is however truly unique and special. If you would like to get some impressions of Rosebery House in West Lothian, have a look at this feature published by Your Scottish Wedding.

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Barnbougle Castle Wedding Suppliers:

Venue: Barnbougle Castle (Rosebery Venues)

Flowers: Liberty Blooms

Catering: Wilde Thyme

Band: The Scoundrels

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