23 Montrose Street Wedding

Cocktails and a Wedding

The wedding of Jess and Iain at 23 Montrose Street was truly special. I am really lucky to be working with so many wonderful couples, but when I first met Jess and Iain at their engagement shoot, we instantly hit it off. Iain and Jess knew from the outset that they wanted to keep their wedding low-key. At the same time they also knew that they didn’t want to compromise on those things that were important to them. One of the things that really mattered to them was the wedding photography.

The Registry Office at 23 Montrose Street

Jess and Iain kept their wedding day super simple. First they met up with their two best friends at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie for some swanky cocktails. This is also where I joined them and started to take photos of the day. Jess looked amazing in her very elegant wedding dress, and I think other guests in the bar weren’t quite sure what was going on!  Once the cocktails were finished the five of us walked down to 23 Montrose Street for the formal part of the day.

The wedding ceremony itself was informal and full of laughter. After the vows I got to spend a couple of hours with Jess and Iain taking some nice photos of them around the city centre and Merchant City. You can see a selection of photos of the day by clicking on the following badge, which will take you to the Brawbrides blog.

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