couple embracing with hat

Lena and Patrick - A Couple Shoot in the Trossachs

Lena's and Patrick's Couple Shoot in the Trossachs

My very talented fellow photographer Lena contacted me a few months ago and asked me whether I could do a couple shoot of her and her partner Patrick. Lena and Patrick had met at night school, and they just wanted to celebrate their relationship by going somewhere nice and taking some photos. So the three of us took a drive up to an area near the picturesque village of Aberfoyle right in the heart of Loch Lomand & The Trossachs National Park.

The day didn't start too well as it was raining when we left Glasgow, and I was also a bit apprehensive about directing somebody who is usually behind the camera and whose work I regard very highly. But once we got to the outskirts of Aberfoyle, it had stopped raining, and we just had a blast. It was as if Lena and Patrick were completely oblivious to the camera being there. And I think the pictures really speak for themselves!


holding hands detail

bracelet closeup

arms with intricate tattoos

hands intertwined

couple face closeup couple leaning in to kiss couple with heads close together tattoo closeup couple with hat couple walking hand in hand couple holding hands smiling couple holding hands with logs in background couple with logs in background feet couple heads together couple kissing couple holding hands detail couple with him giving her a peck on the cheek couple with her leaning into his shoulder couple embracing by lake with scenery couple with man standing behind woman close embrace with lake in background cow staring at couple couple in field with cows couple kissing with cows in background couple smiling with cows in background couple kissing on tree couple sitting on tree leaning into each other couple on tree girl looking up embrace heads together close embrace man lifting up woman couple picggyback couple by lakeside with trees couple holding hands trees in background couple looking into camera couple embracing with hat


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Sarah's and Ian's Engagement Shoot in St. Andrews

When I first 'met' Sarah and Ian in a Facetime conversation, I could tell that they were both excited about their wedding but that they were equally nervous about posing in front of a camera. It's a natural reaction, and most of us aren't used to having a lens stuck in our face, and it can make people feel very self-conscious. What I as a photographer want is for my couples to be happy and relaxed, as this will come across in the images so I suggested a pre-wedding or engagement shoot.

Ian and Sarah had first met as undergraduates at St. Andrews University, and therefore it was important to them that the engagement shoot would be in St. Andrews. After a few frames, it was is if both had completely forgotten that a camera was there, and I think the images show just how happy both of them are.


Sahir's Proposal to Karen 1

Sahir's Proposal to Karen

Sahir's Proposal to Karen

I can't believe that it is already almost a year ago, that I was contacted by Sahir, asking me whether I could be there and take some photos as he would propose to his girlfriend Karen to marry her. Needless to say I was a little bit nervous about the whole idea, not only because I hadn't shot an actual proposal before, but also because both Karen and Sahir had not been to Edinburgh before, and therefore Sahir was looking at me to help him find the ideal spot where he could pop the question!

Sahir had suggested to Karen to celebrate New Year's Eve in Edinburgh, so I met them both on Princes Street and we took a walk up to Calton Hill, with it's fabulous views across Edinburgh. It was at the top of the hill, that Sahir dropped down on one knee and proposed to Karen! And as you can see from the images, she was delighted and she did say yes!

Calton Hill road sign

Calton Hill monument

Holding hands

Couple smiling on Calton Hill

Couple with Edinburgh Castle

Sahir getting down on one kneeSahir down on one kneeKaren and Sahir huggingKaren's engagement ring

Karen backlight by golden sunshine

Karen kissing Sahir with Edinburgh skyline

Karen admiring her engagement ring

Karen and Sahir overlooking Princes StreetRomantic moment on the stairs

Heartshaped world

Kiss on the forehead

Just being tourists

View from Edinburgh Castle